How To Learn Arabic Language

Every human society has its own language, which is not spoken by other societies. Arabic is one of the most important languages. Because it is the language of the Holy Quran. The number of speakers in the Arabic language is about four thousand and twenty-two million people, but many of them are ignorant of the principles of Arabic language and rules, which leads to the difficulty of interpretation of Arabic vocabulary, as well as sentences and paragraphs, and need to learn this language precisely, because it is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world. In this article we will explain the methods of teaching Arabic

There’s many methods of learning Arabic language and not many of them are the same and suitable for all educational situations, it means that the teacher of Arabic speakers should not adhere to a certain way, but select from them appropriate one to the educational situation in which he finds himself

:There are several factors that can be used to choose the appropriate one

  • The objectives of learning Arabic –
  • The level of students and their characteristics –
  • The native language for learners –
  • The level of the Arabic language to be taught –

The methods of teaching Arabic languages are many and varied, some old and the others one are modern. Now will discuss the most common methods used for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers:

: a. Grammar-Translation Method

This method is the oldest method of teaching foreign language ​​dating back to the past centuries. It’s not based on a certain linguistic or educational idea. This method it was used to learn Latin and Greek languages, which was based on the teaching of grammar and translation. Scientists have classified this method among the methods of the old schools to teach Arabic language, which are still in use so far in different parts of the world despite their progress and the failure of their methods. Indonesia is a good example of countries where this method is used to teach Arabic

: b- Direct Method

This method is sometimes called natural, which mean that Arabic language can be learned in a natural way in which the child learns his mother tongue. The teaching of a Arabic language is not necessarily through translation, since the teaching of the meanings of its words can be done through representation, movement and images and are used spontaneously in the classroom

: c- Selective method

The proponents of this method believe that the success of the process of teaching Arabic language will not be achieved by using a single teaching method, but in several ways from which it’s selected what suits to the learner and the educational attitudes he finds himself in

Finally, there’s many Websites in the Internet offer a quality courses to learn Arabic online

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